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Campaign Monitor is a very reliable email marketing platform with high deliverability for opt-in contacts. ContactDrive works with Campaign Monitor to keep your contacts in sync, so you can easily use Campaign Monitor’s suite of tools for email communications while keeping your contact data secure in ContactDrive.

Note that Campaign Monitor does charge for each contact on each list, so if you organize your contacts into multiple lists, you will be charged for that contact multiple times. For this reason, ContactDrive pushes a lot of data to Campaign Monitor, including tags, to make it easier to create segments within CM.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to setup your Campaign Monitor account to sync with ContactDrive:

  1. Login to Campaign Monitor at
  2. Click your profile image at the top right, then select Account settings.
  3. Click API keys to view the page that holds your API key and client ID.
  4. Click Show API key to view your API key. If you haven’t generated one yet, click Generate API key instead.NOTE: Please, please keep your API key totally private. Don’t tweet it, snap it, or read it out loud near any electronic devices (hi NSA!). Just treat it like a password, only better.
  5. Select your new API key, copy it, and you’re ready for the next step.
  6. Head over to ContactDrive. Assuming you are an admin on your account, click on your email address in the top right of your screen and click Account Settings.
  7. Once you’re in Account Settings, click on the Integrations tab.
  8. Find the Campaign Monitor integration and click Add integration.
  9. You should see a pop-up appear with a field for “API key”.
  10. Paste your Campaign Monitor API key into this field and click Save changes.
  11. If the API key is valid, you should now see two new fields:
    1. Select a refresh schedule: This is the interval for which you would like ContactDrive to sync your data with Campaign Monitor.
    2. Sync with List (optional): If you only have one Campaign Monitor list and would like to sync your entire ContactDrive account with it, you can select it here. If you don’t see your Campaign Monitor lists in the dropdown, just click the refresh button () and we’ll grab the current list of lists for you.
  12. Click Save Changes again and if you see a green alert saying “That was easy! Credentials updated” then you are, indeed, all done.
  13. Click Close to finish it off.

Next Steps

Once you have enabled the Campaign Monitor integration in ContactDrive, you have several options.

You can sync your entire ContactDrive organization with a single list in Campaign Monitor. This is the most affordable option for Campaign Monitor. To do this, setup the default list in the Sync with List step above (11.2).

You can also sync individual ContactDrive lists with separate lists in Campaign Monitor by setting up list integrations. This is useful especially with large accounts where you have distinct audiences and only want to sync a specific segment of contacts.

If you selected a sync schedule, ContactDrive will now regularly push your contacts to Campaign Monitor, and pull Campaign Monitor contacts into ContactDrive. The sync schedule automates both default and list integrations.

You can also click “Sync Now” to have a variety of options:

  1. Create matching lists: This will create a ContactDrive list for each of your Campaign Monitor lists.
  2. Sync all lists: This will manually sync all lists with a Campaign Monitor integration.
  3. Sync default list: This will manually sync only the default list selected in the Campaign Monitor integration settings.
  4. Sync campaign activity: This will sync any activity for your email campaigns and store any actions taken on an email — opens, clicks, unsubscribes — as activity associated with each contact.